If we look back nine years to when subscriptions were last raised, we probably didn’t expect as much from the Society as we do now. Our activities have increased and it is costing much more than it did in 2007.  We now reach out and are less inward looking than we were nine years ago, and we try to be more professional in all our efforts.  This is what the Society now does, with indicative costs per annum:

  • Conservation, Heritage and Planning
    • helps protect our heritage by commenting on planning applications and proposed tree work
    • gives informal advice on planning applications and tree work
    • operates a tree planting fund (£900)
    • makes sure that heritage paving is replaced following street works
    • speaks up for Oxton with the Council via the Wirral-wide Conservation Areas Forum
    • participates as a member of the national Civic Voice organisation (£500)
    • makes an annual Design Award
  • Promotion and Support of a thriving Village Centre
    • encourages the Council to control traffic and improve parking
    • encourages businesses to look after and improve their facades
    • organises the award-winning Secret Gardens event, with profits shared with local charities (£8,000)
    • commissions and maintains over 40 hanging baskets in the summer months (£3,000)
    • organises the Christmas Lights and switch-on ceremony (£3,000)
    • distributes dog dirt bags to help keep the Village clean (£500)
  • Communication with members
    • communicates via emails, the website, Facebook and Twitter (£100)
    • produces a quarterly Newsletter, delivered free to all members ((£1,600)
    • organises an annual celebration and AGM to thank volunteers and be accountable to members (£500)
  • Local History
    • produces a quarterly Local History Newsletter Supplement (£600)
    • organises history events, heritage walks and provides local history advice (£200)
    • maintains and develops a public archive of local history
    • represents the Society at History and Heritage Fairs and provides speakers on Oxton’s history


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