Our main aims as set out in our Strategy are:

Aim 1 – Promote and secure high standards of planning, landscape and architecture to preserve, improve and develop the area and its environs.

Aim 2- Enhance public awareness of Oxton’s history, architecture and environment.

Aim 3 – Foster community and business involvement to encourage civic pride.

Aim 4 – maintain the Society on a sound basis and sustainable financial footing, including working in partnership with others.

We concentrate on a number of activities in pursuit of these aims. You can see information on these by following the links below.

  • Planning. We contributed to the Oxton Character Appraisal and the Management Plan. We comment on all planning applications affecting the conservation area.
  • Trees and the Tree Planting Fund. we comment on all applications for tree work and have a fund to help members plant new trees.
  • History Group. We have a very active History Group who manage our archive, research local history, organise history events, produce a local history supplement for the newsletter and run Heritage Walks
  • Secret Gardens. We run this annual event in partnership with local charities and businesses. This, with membership fees, is our main source of income.
  • Xmas Lights. The display of Xmas Lights is helped by contributions from local businesses and switched on at a community event in late November.
  • Hanging Baskets. We put up over 40 hanging baskets which last from June to October.
  • Dog Dirt Bags. We distribute about 20,000 dog dirt bags every year through 12 dispensers placed around the area.
  • Newsletters. We communicate with our members via the Newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, members’ emails and the village notice board. Previous copies of the newsletter are available here.