Membership is due for renewal on March 1st each year. You can renew your membership at any time in the year.

Your membership renewal will either:

  • be backdated to begin on March 1st for late renewal…..or
  • be credited for 12 months from the following March 1st, for renewal in advance.

You can renew your membership for a single year or you can help us to reduce admin effort by paying for any number of years in advance. 

Household membership £10.00 pa

Individual Membership £8.00 pa

Renew on-line by filling in the form below

If you pay income tax and Gift Aid your subscription then HMRC gives us an additional 25%. Click here for more details. Ticking “I confirm” means that:

“I would like my contribution(s) to the Oxton Society to be included within the Gift Aid scheme from the date of this application and that I pay sufficient income tax/capital gains
tax to cover my contributions. If my circumstances change, I will inform the Society.”

First please let us have your details, then you will be re-directed to a "pay now" page where you can pay with a credit card or PayPal. Please note that you will have to re-enter the type of Membership and number of years you want to renew for

Please be patient as this may take up to a minute or so.

You can also renew:

by post – click here for a form

or bank transfer – click here for details.