This page is still under construction . It is planned to include an up-to-date register of village businesses. We are also pleased to be working in partnership with the Oxton Village Guide which is on Facebook – click here to see it.

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The guide contains up to the minute news, events and offers from the village businesses. The Guide has been launched by James Chapman, a local web designer, who has just moved to the area from Scotland with his young family.

“We chose Oxton because we simply fell in love with the place when we were looking around for somewhere to live.”  

We wish the Guide every success and see it as an attractive complement to our own website and Facebook Page. It has the support of the Oxton businesses and James hopes to increase its current 300 followers to 500 by Christmas.

“I see the guide being a new way of keeping people informed about what is happening in and around the village, but also as a way of marketing the village as a destination for new visitors. Both of which will in turn increase footfall and sales for our local businesses”.

If you would like to speak to James about the Village Guide please contact him through his own site at